This website is for users who own the following models

SatCruiser Extreme
Nfusion Nova/Solaris/Pheonix
SatCruiser NOVA/SatCruiser dsr-101 Plus+
Starcruiser 9700/Starcruiser 9000
Viewsat Extreme/Viewsat Ultra
Coolsat 6100
Captiveworks 600s


Please make sure you select the appropriate software for your receiver's model.  If you install the wrong software into your receiver, it will become inoperable and it will not be covered under warranty.  The software is also specific to the model number.




This site is available for users who wish to expand the functionality of their free to air digital receivers beyond the standard free to air software that shipped with their receivers.

Once you decide to load this software into your receiver, all customer support from your distributor and warranty will be null and void.  If you wish to modify the firmware of your receiver, you will be doing so at your own risk.

Please note that not all receiver models accept this type of software.  The software available on this website is specific to the model type and the model numbers specified.

We offer no support paid or unpaid. We maintain this site simply as a common courtesy for those adventurous souls that wish to have more and willing to take the risk to do so